under the spell of the cyclops' view!

by xrfarflight

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xrfarflight is: karsten genz & daniel gädicke

written, played, produced, recorded & mixed by xrfarflight, hamburg 2009/2010
mastered by fabian tormin (www.plaetlin-mastering.de)

p+c 2011 xrfarflight
all rights reserved


released March 4, 2011

track 12 & 13 are part of the soundtrack for the film
"rolling love affair" by markus fiedler (www.reziprok-film.org)

cello on 4: anne maren falk
double bass on 4: john brent hughes
bassoons on 11: lothar palmer

cover by hanne frank



all rights reserved


xrFARFLIGHT Hamburg, Germany

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Track Name: xrfarflight - spacecramp
under the spell of the cyclops' view
while all those engines turn me on
it feels like wasted opportunities
Track Name: xrfarflight - producing dust
on the run we turn around
without a move, without a sound
boy - we want to escape from here

on our way we're looking back
we fear the views in our necks
boy - we want to - we want to escape from here

so lower your aching eyes
prepare yourself for sudden sunrise
in a porcellain cup
in a same-time-springs-&-falls

it's us producing dust
by listening to those who say you must
protect the outer rim
what a state of life-lies-maintainance
that change from day to day to day...
Track Name: xrfarflight - drip
in this barcode is all that i am
it just makes sense if someone takes you for a scan
i'm formed by the tin i'm in & wasting time

i was headless by shifting around
i rammed a corner with an awful sound
my tin can got a leak & set me free

all along the malls / cast in controls

i leave the path you want me to go
no way back, i'm useless for you
i don't want to make this my war
i don't want to fight in your war
Track Name: xrfarflight - ditchwater
maybe our love slipped
'cause it was dressed in clothing that didn't really fit
could be it fell down
because it stood on one single leg for too long
or it dropped over 'cause it stood still at all

now our dressing doll
crouched-down & quietly weeping under the window-sill
doesn't dare to rise
& take a peek outside into the open wide
high from our ivory tower that we once made our home

a low-pressure area drifting in (under) our calvaria(s) - out of the overcasted skies
the raindrops shivering meet in a river - then they drip out of our eyes

to build the ditch
all around our home
but at the bottom (did you know?) we call a drawbridge our own
c'mon let's leave behind
our sanity, our minds in a small blue jug of clay
let's go astray in the untouched blooming circles of our hearts

let's step out of our castle in front of the walls - our love awaits us there
we can cut the navel-string to our tower - no more we have to care
let's wake the memory that reminds you & me of the lost chords in our souls
we can spread into each direction we need knowing we won't lose ourselves

that's what it's like...
Track Name: xrfarflight - sun/moon
we walked all the distance without any clue
what to find behind the blue
we started walking while the sun had kissed the moon
what to find behind the blue

leads us nowhere
but we still care
trying to disturb
that nothing at last can be done
Track Name: embryo & janitor
in the locked up secret furthest room behind all other rooms
amid the cave of my skull in silent solitude
hovers motionless & cold a small white embryo
& the blackness surrounds it like a 3-dimensional halo

i pity the poor janitor
the self-appointed manager
who deafened dazzled screaming slurring goes astray
in all the flickering flashing whirring crashing buzzing other rooms
he's searching for control
he's searching for i don't know what he's searching for

but every now & then
with the evening stranding
he unlocks the secret furthest room, gets in
& sits down in front of the embryo to see if it may move
but the embryo don't move
they're waiting for i don't know what they're waiting for
Track Name: xrfarflight - satellite
i walk in curves to find my way
on a street that just leads you straight
the walls beside are cold & grey
endlessly they are saving me

sweeping satellite made its job
pavement is clean, there's just nothing to rob
bleep satellite send me sounds
staring through walls, let things in, let things out
Track Name: xrfarflight - insects
if i did this on my knees
what really could be done
if i did this on my nerves
could it be better
filled up with matter
of facts

i try to lift my lid a bit
with sleep in my eyes
let me be let me be
they roll things over me
to write the story well
i didn't want to tell

we're moving like insects
like nobody likes it
awaiting the thunder
like immoveable lightnings
Track Name: xrfarflight - bluebottle
this is an instrumental :-)
Track Name: xrfarflight - a fat, ill-tempered baby
a fat, ill-tempered baby
sittin' in it's rompers
surrounded by a sea of flowers

incapable to notice
unable to be pleased 'bout
the flowers' lovely blossoms 'cause

it's far too busy waylaying the perfect date
the blossoms' blooming peaks
with piercing glances & glowing cheeks

the fat, ill-tempered baby
sittin' in it's rompers
surrounded by a flowery sea

mercilessly screening
every little petal
piercing glances, glowing cheeks
wishfully awaiting a state oh so out of reach

& with all this lieing in wait
for the moment it misses again & again
refusing all, waiting in vain
the ill-tempered fat baby gets a face of wax

so tired of all this waiting
dicontented growing old
the baby gets a face of wax
Track Name: xrfarflight - walkin' the snowman
walkin' the snowman
'tween active volcanoes
they are spitting at me burning suns
the things i had done
i'm so stuck between my machine

coals of fire
my burning desire
licking at me like the flames of the sun
a monster truck tongue
i'm so superfluous in this scene

the water runs harder
i break out into cold sweat
to get along ahead

the water runs harder
out of my pores & dreams
awake me please
till i'm gone
Track Name: xrfarflight - triangle
I take the ways on a triangle
See-sawing itself, i drive endless
Artery roads
One-way streets
no way outs

Colliding & bouncing
Changing direction
Artery roads
One-way streets
no way outs

Driving the road past your house
The lake & the clime, lost in thoughts
I still can see Us
Under the trees
In silence

past your house, the lake, the clime
Lost in thoughts on the street i drive
& i drive i drive in horseshoe bends, loop lines, ...
Track Name: xrfarflight - road theme
another instrumental...